Changing the Sunshine Coast for the better!



The Sunshine Coast will be the primary location of a macroDATA Digital Solutions Data Centre. 


There is a submarine cable landing station being built in Maroochydore - the hub of the Sunshine Coast. A data centre connected to this cable will allow large quantities of telecom traffic to be transmitted to major cities globally. This will connect the Sunshine Coast nationally and internationally. 


Per Data Centre Map (2019), there is currently no active data centres in the Sunshine Coast Region. The closest centres are in Brisbane, Queensland which is approximately 100 kilometers South of The Sunshine Coast. 


Extremely Low Latency to Sydney, LA, Singapore, Hong Kong & Tokyo

Five times faster access from the Sunshine Coast via the RTI wet (subsea) cable to Sydney than the existing land (terrestrial) link between Queensland and Sydney.
Enables low-latency solutions from the Data Centre: remote equipment control, high volume trading platforms, amazing customer experiences.
Queensland businesses will, for the first time, be able to bypass Sydney and connect direct internationally. This will provide business with a range of new opportunities that come with increased speed and diversity.
This connectivity will give major data-intensive companies such as Facebook, Google, Amazon and Microsoft the opportunity to revisit the benefits of where they locate their Australian investments.
The project includes a 550 kilometre undersea fibre optic cable that will connect the Sunshine Coast to the 9,600 kilometre Japan-Guam-Australia-South (JGA-S) submarine cable.  

macroDATA Digital Solutions