Changing the Sunshine Coast for the better!

About Us


 An endeavor like never before - a data centre designed to create most of its own energy. 

The Sunshine Coasts' newest data centre with onsite power generated by leading edge renewable energy - with the cost of sustainable energy significantly less than the cost of grid energy. With the added ability to sell excess power back to the grid and heat generated by the facility used to create power.


macroDATA was co founded by two senior information technology professionals who both possess 20+ years experience as executives of multi billion dollar companies. 

 Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer,  Kathryn Foster has a strong background in technology, sales and early stage start-up companies. Ms. Foster has more than two decades of experience designing, building and running large internet-based businesses for Microsoft Corp and Amazon Corp. 


Chief Commercial Officer, Gavin Keeley is an experienced technologist and business leader with a career spanning over 30 years in international consultancy and executive corporate roles across a diverse range of industry sectors, working in Europe, North America, Asia and Australia. 

Together with their expertise in technology and management, they aspire to build a data centre with a majorly refined power expense, which connects Australia to the rest of the world without contributing to the global warming crisis. 


Make your ideas a reality with macroDATA Digital Solutions. 

Australia's newest and only green energy powered data centre built to tier 3+ standards.

Early 2020, a data centre will open in the Sunshine Coast hinterland.

This venture will provide the Sunshine Coast Region with greater digital connection not only to the rest of Australia but to the rest of the world! 

Why us?


Only Australian Truly Redundant Tier IV Datacenters

Active:active:active Datacentre pairs for true failover at all levels – datacenter, server, network, power and internet with TIA-942 accreditation backed by a contractual commitment to 100% uptime.

PCI – credit card and highly sensitive data compliant for any customer

ISO 9001, 27000a series compliant with systems to manage compliance in all aspects of the business to enable certification.

Compliance with Zone 5 TOPSECRET and Zone 4 SECRET at the building level and the data hall level.

macroDATA Digital Solutions